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Video & Production

Fill out our online quote to obtain a film & video production insurance policy. TCP represents a variety of insurance companies to get you the best price and broadest coverage possible. Certificates are issued the same day with the ability to process your own certificates online. If you wish to purchase a short term policy, please call our office.

Required Forms to Purchase Insurance

  1. Equipment Schedule
  2. Online Application
  3. Insurance Checklist
  4. Annual Certificate Processing Fee $350.00

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* must be completed, signed, received and approved by TCP prior to issuing the insurance policy


Video & Production Insurance Policy

  • General Liability
  • Unlimited Certificates of Insurance
  • Owned & Rented Film & Video Production Equipment (theft included)
  • Commercial Auto – Hired & Non-Owned and Physical Damage
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Please call 1-800-726-3701 for more information and ask for Rich Gunn ext. 110.

Production Insurance

Insurance for production protects a producer's commercial film & video business from negligence when third party property or bodily injury lawsuit claims are bringing them to court. TCP has drastically decreased the minimum premium rates for producers and still photographers through our exclusive relationship with Great American. Tom Pickard & Co. now holds the best product on the market for price, coverage and customer service. On average, a producer will save about 40% on a policy compared to other insuring film & video agencies selling a similar product for thousands more. Our relationship with the production insurance company has allowed TCP&Co to custom make a policy perfect for the small production business owner. If you have not received a production insurance quote within the past year, then now is the time to get research what's out there. Producers will find that the price of our production equipment insurance products is the cheapest you will find anywhere for the amount of coverage you will receive. As more photographers evolve into videographers, the current photography insurance policy you now may hold might not cover all of their operations. Video production insurance covers both production and photography shoots at the same time. The producer insurance policy includes general liability and video equipment coverage, so your videography business will be covered for many accidents that may put your business at risk. Give us a quick phone call, and we will be able to discuss what you need in regards to production insurance.

Video Production Insurance

Video production insurance is surprisingly quick, easy and simple to receive with our online production insurance quote system. As you fill out the production insurance quote, you will find various fields. Two of the required data fields are about the amount of owned equipment coverage, and rented equipment coverage you desire. Keep in mind that we offer the ability to add production equipment as you need it throughout the policy period. Short term capabilities that are exclusive to TCP&Co allows to keep your total premium at the lowest possible. This agency is able to supply insurance for video equipment, general liability, short term rental equipment insurance, computer equipment coverage, portfolio coverage, rental reimbursement coverage, and many more all under one videographer insurance policy. Video production insurance is now affordable with customizable forms to fit your unique needs. With unlimited certificates of insurance included in this videographer insurance program, you can get a proof of insurance at any time on the internet. The quoting process only takes a couple minutes. Talk to an educated agent and get your commercial insurance needs taken care of before it is too late and possibly lose your commercial business.

Videography Insurance

Video Equipment Insurance is what is mandatory if you are looking to do any documentary production as a videographer while out on location. This is because the coverage we offer is a worldwide coverage, so you can take your camera anywhere knowing it's secure. Entertainment insurance and film production insurance comes with general liability for third party injury, and adding equipment coverage is very simple in this videography insurance policy. All you would have to do is send us a revised list of equipment you'd like to have insured, and you will be covered for that equipment the same day. Dropping an expensive camera or damaging property can put you out of business without video equipment insurance. Do not let your favorite camera, or even a big job go uninsured without production insurance. A short term production insurance policy might be ok for that one job, but it is very expensive compared to the rates we can offer cinematographers on an annual basis. Fill out our online application and talk to an agent the same day. We can talk to you about insurance for documentary movies, insurance for production, corporate video insurance, and post production insurance.

Cinematography Equipment Insurance

TCP will provide video gear insurance that has worldwide coverage for cinematography equipment that is stolen due to theft or damage because you accidentally dropped a Phase One, Canon, Nikon, or Red camera product on the ground. These items can be very expensive to replace if you do not have cinematography insurance. With a $500 deductible and only paying a $500 minimum premium policy, you can save a lot of money. Sometimes it may not even be your fault that you damaged an item (like someone bumping into you), so don't take that chance. Cinematographer insurance also provides coverage for buildings that are in your control with Third Party Property Damage. This comes at an additional cost, but is very effective against cases where you may damage property in someone else's studio or home. Since entertainment production insurance is also a business policy for videographers, hired and non owned auto liability can also be added to the policy for a low price. Have assistants, or in need of errors and omissions? We can also provide workers’ compensation and errors and omission policies that will protect you against copyright infringement and defamation of character.

Videographer Insurance, Cinematographer, and Still Production Insurance

Wedding, life, corporate, real estate, documentary, and studio production all can use cinematography insurance. A lot of videographers and people who do production do not know how vulnerable they are until they realize how much a HD video insurance, or wedding videographer insurance can save their business. TCP is licensed in many states including Los Angeles (LA), California, San Diego (including Southern California and Northern California), Massachusetts (MA), Boston, New York (NY), New York City (NYC), Brooklyn, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Atlanta, Oregon, Minnesota, Washington. What is great about this photo insurance policy is that you can travel between all of these states and most of the world and still have coverage. This is because all of your production equipment and camera gear is covered worldwide under one low cost production policy. Get a video production insurance quote right now, and save on a policy that most producers are currently overpaying. No other provider has this policy specifically designed to fit the needs of producers and photographers.

Video Insurance

Video insurance is widely talked about when conducting any videography business. Production insurance costs are very low through TCP for a number of reasons. One being because we have a great understanding of what video production is all about. This allows us to fine tune the policy to keep the limits at the right amount for the average producer. Our 2 minute quote generator can provide videographers with insurance for film production, and insurance for production companies. Liability and video equipment insurance are at the core of the policy with the option to add additional coverages like errors and omissions. Producers insurance is very affordable because of the ability to add short term film insurance coverages. Production liability insurance through our producers insurance policy starts at $2,000,000 with the ability to raise as needed. Get film insurance today and be secure that your video equipment and camera equipment are covered. But not only the safety of your equipment should be a concern, but the business as a whole if you are to accidentally injure a third party.

Insurance Production

Insurance for a film production business can be attained the very same day if you simply call us or fill out an online film & video quote. We are available to provide film & video insurance for your production company, or personal pleasure from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. No longer does a producer need to wait days to see if they will be approved for production insurance and see how much it will cost. Tom C. Pickard is one of many film insurance companies bringing the best coverage to producers at low prices. Short term film production insurance is something we no longer offer due to this low annual premium for production general liability and video and film insurance. A production company has many business expenses, so we make film and video insurance one of cinematographers least worried about expense. The production insurance cost is the most competitive because we have a close relationship with the insurance company and have built a custom policy specially designed for videographers. Obtain a videographer liability insurance policy and save now using our film insurance quoting system.

Production Insurance Cost

The insurance production cost for Tom C. Pickard & Company's Great American film and video policies are on average 40% cheaper than all of the other production policies sold by other carriers on the market. There are a lot of reasons why we have such a good price to share. The big reason for this is because of our special relationship with the Great American and years of customizing the production policy to fit the small business needs of a typical small time producer. It was a three year project of fine tuning the policy, but it has finally arrived. Producers have enough expenses that cost time and money, so the insurance cost will want to be as low as possible. This is one reason why we do not offer short term production insurance, so you can add coverage only when needed. This will help keep the production insurance cost low. Included in this low cost film insurance policy is unlimited certificates of insurance, where you can go online and print out a cert right when you need it. Liability insurance for film and production has never been at such a low cost.

Digital Camera Insurance

Digital camera insurance, commercial video insurance, and grip equipment insurance are among many of the mandatory items we insist a producer or photographer to consider when shopping around. Production policies that TCP&Co. provides also include video equipment rental insurance. There are many options for coverage, such as purchasing video equipment insurance on a short-term, as-you-need-it basis. Just one mistake where a producer drops a digital camera, or some grip equipment and it breaks can set their business back financially. Commercial video insurance will help protect production equipment, and the grip equipment no problem. Commercial video work involves a lot of grip equipment, lighting equipment, and camera equipment which can add up quickly. The cost of replacing all of your production equipment out of pocket is not always possible to the small business owner. Obtain a quote from TCP today, and insure your digital camera, video equipment, and grip equipment now.

Insurance for Film

Insurance for film production does not necessarily have to be at the expense of your annual business income if you happen to live in California. Film production insurance comes at an affordable price with the option to make payments in quarterly installments and no down payment. If your premium is high enough, the possibility for a nine pay is available. Film equipment is always going to be vulnerable to accidental damage and theft. Be sure that your grip and digital camera equipment have digital camera insurance by purchasing a filming insurance policy. The production insurance cost is the lowest it has ever been. Film and video equipment costs can be high, so many producers rent film and video equipment for commercial use. Video equipment rental insurance in the policy with the ability to have coverage for a short term period. This will save money as you can purchase short term film insurance only when it's needed. Insurance for videographers used to be expensive until now. The price was almost three times as much. Fill out a film & video production quote and get cheap film insurance today for absolutely no charge.

Film Insurance

Film equipment insurance is offered to photographers and producers throughout the United States at the best rate in premium through the Great American Insurance Company. Filling out the online video quote will give you access to the different production insurance coverages that our entertainment package provides. Also known as production insurance, insurance for film production has a substantial amount of benefits for the small business owner. The production insurance cost is low with high insurance limits to meet many of the standards for naming someone as an additional insured for certificates. Liability for producers, and digital camera insurance are both covered in the same policy. It does not matter if you own equipment, or if you solely rent out equipment because we also offer video equipment rental insurance on an annual or short term basis. It is not just cameras that will be covered but all video equipment that pertain to a production, so grip equipment insurance is also included. If you have any questions about the cost or what is or isn't covered a representative can give you all the answers with one fast phone call.