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“The Office” is one of the most successful shows in recent memory, due in large part to its excellent writing.

Whether you’re writing a short film script or a TV pilot, the challenges you have to face are…challenging. You’ve got character development to think about, you’ve got story structure to work out, you’ve got about a trillion other things to rework and reword and reconfigure until you have something that kind of looks like a final draft of a script.

So, yeah…that’s a lot of technical stuff. And it’s easy to lose sight of the non-technical stuff that is so important to the writing process while taking part in the writing process.

However, in this video, Behind the Curtain puts together a collection of sound bites from writers on The Office to help not only understand how the show came together narratively but to also offer some keen insight on how to stay creative during your own personal writing process.

Check it out below:

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Source: No Film School