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Spotlight is one of the best movies about investigative journalism ever, even though it features a bunch of reporters doing research and Googling. Find out why and how this script makes it all look so thrilling.

Have you ever tried to write about something and not known how to make it thrilling or how to best dramatize it?

What happens when the process and action in your story does not feel quite “cinematic?” Many filmmakers struggle with how to depict things like journalism on screen. So much of that job is reading, compiling facts, and talking to people. And if you’re trying to tell a true story, many times there are not thrilling set-pieces or shootouts to amp up the adrenaline.

So how do movies like Spotlight find ways to be so exciting and dramatic?

Let’s take a deep-ish dive into the Spotlight script and look at strategies you can employ in your own writing to dramatize these types of situations. Things that will help the reader and audience understand the importance of what is happening on screen and keep turning the pages while reading.

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Source: No Film School