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Want to write an original screenplay? It can be hard mining for answers, so let’s take over the brainstorming together.

Writing an original screenplay is so hard. Original scripts and ideas are hard to come by in Hollywood. We see people bemoaning the remakes, rebootquels, and blockbusters based on intellectual property. But it’s hard to argue with Hollywood’s business model. People buy tickets to things that are familiar.

So why the hell are we spending time on original ideas? Because a great original idea proves so many things about you as a writer.

It shows you can create characters, worlds, dialogue, stakes, and story all from thin air. Original ideas certify you as a creator.

I have nothing but respect for any adaptation — they’re incredibly hard on their own — but I’ll always have a soft spot for originals because of the significant creative freedom they give you as a writer. You’re not beholden to anyone but yourself. There’s something innately special about that personal challenge.

But original scripts are not easy to write. First, you need to learn…

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Source: No Film School