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Looking to write the next Fargo? Or Young Adult? These tips for creating dark comedies can help.

Have you ever laughed at a funeral? Or chuckled at a horrible event? Or maybe you just have a sick sense of humor when it comes to the world.

Well, it seems like dark comedy, or black comedy, might be right for you. This subgenre of comedy uses disturbing situations or scenarios to tell their complicated stories at human height, often with Coen Bros.-esque results. Below are five tips that have proven effective in the genre, and can help you better shape your stories into movies that more closely resemble those on your DVD shelf.

5 Tips for How to Write a Dark Comedy

1. Kill the Cat (or Dog)

We joke around talking about the idea of saving the cat or creating a character who is likable. But that notion is (usually) always bullshit. Still, the area where you have the most leeway to lead with an unlikeable character (who is still interesting) would be in dark comedy.

Characters within a dark comedy can be built out as horrible people.

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Source: No Film School