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Let us help you make your own movie.

First off, this is a follow-up to the Op-Ed I wrote for No Film School a few days ago that you all made amazingly successful: My Wife and I Made a 3000 Shot Feature Film By Ourselves (And You Can Too).

The response to that has been astounding, so thank you to all of you for reading it, sharing it, commenting, checking out (and even pledging to) the Kickstarter, watching the trailer on my YouTube channel, subscribing, emailing me with your encouragement, and just plain being awesome. I love you all for it!

Understandably, people want more information, so this follow up is all about giving a more in-depth look into my method and our film’s production. This article assumes that you’ve already read the previous one. If you haven’t, the previous one can get you up to speed on what my wife and I did in making this feature ourselves.

This second piece is a deeper dive into the details. Specifically, the gear we used, the budget, and the fundamentals we used that you can use to start your own feature film ASAP!

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Source: No Film School