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There’s a difference between being an editor and “someone who edits,” and most of the time it comes down to your workflow.

So, you want to be a professional editor? Awesome! That’s very exciting, and no doubt you have a little bit of experience and lot of questions about how to take your craft to the next level.

However, while there is a myriad of skills you can and should hone as you step into the pro-level ring, there’s one aspect of editing that you’ll want to make sure you establish before you do: your workflow.

In this video from Film Riot, editor Lucas Harger shares 5 workflow tips that will help you edit quicker and more efficiently, including how to organize your timeline, handling audio, and how to deal with selects.

Check it out below.

Harger shared a lot of great insight into how to speed up your editing workflow and stay organized. Here’s a quick breakdown of the tips he talked about.

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Source: No Film School