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Hey editors, want to create a little holiday magic this year?

Ah, the holidays! It’s a time for giving, joy, and themed videos that give everybody a nice chuckle and warm fuzzies. If you’re gearing up to churn out some of these kinds of projects, you might want to try out some super easy and fun digital magic tricks just like Vine/YouTube star and filmmaker Zach King. All you’re going to need is a bit of clever camera work, your poker face, and a few simple editing techniques provided by Kellen Reck in the video below.

We all remember seeing Zach King’s video magic tricks for the first time, don’t we? And what did we all say? That’s right: “How in the hell…?”

I mean, I’m sure most filmmakers and professional editors knew that it was largely thanks to great editing, as well as well-framed and choreographed shots, but for non-filmmakers, it was just like watching close-up street magic without having to look like a friggin’ idiot after Apollo Robbins steals your watch right off of your damn wrist.

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Source: No Film School