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How this world-renowned lens-based artist stays on track creatively – even when life gets in the way.

As filmmakers and creative professionals, it’s not always easy to make time for personal projects. Work, travel, and life can so often pull our attention in so many directions that it can be challenging to maintain focus on the creative efforts we’ve promised ourselves we’d prioritize. I’m a drone operator living in New Jersey and creating fresh content on a consistent basis can be especially challenging because weather and seasonality determine how many days I can be out there shooting.

So recently while listening to an episode of the This Week in Photo (TWiP) podcast where Julieanne Kost, self-dubbed “lens-based artist”, author, trainer, and Adobe evangelist was talking about how challenging it can be even for her to prioritize time for personal creative projects it gave me hope. Kost proceeded to describe some techniques she deploys to keep her consistently creative and accountable to herself and it seemed like just the type of thing that any creative professional could benefit from –– especially filmmakers.

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Source: No Film School