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Disney’s allergic reaction to aspect ratios has been a problem long before they rolled out their new streaming service. Here’s why it should worry filmmakers.

A minor controversy erupted when Disney+, the company’s new direct-to-consumer streaming platform, debuted and (surprise!) the aspect ratio on The Simpsons was messed up, with the boxy original 1.33:1 aspect ratio stretched for widescreen TVs. (This wound up ruining many of the series’ best visual gags and rightfully angering Simpsons purists.)

Disney has stated that the original aspect ratios would be available as an option sometime in early 2020 (hopefully along with the commentary tracks, another option that was on the Simpsons World app that, sadly, wasn’t ported over) but it also speaks to the company’s oftentimes bizarre relationship with aspect ratios.

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Source: No Film School