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The new Watchmen HBO show has been an incredible reinvention of the story. Now listen to a podcast to satiate your obsession.

I have been beating the drum for Watchmen since it debuted a few weeks ago (and since I read the graphic novel in college). Now, because nerd culture reigns supreme and I am in the best years of my life, the new show has a podcast to accompany it.

And two familiar hosts…

A New ‘Watchmen’ Podcast Coming From Damon Lindelof and Craig Mazin

On Sunday, November 3rd, the Official Watchmen Podcast launches.

The Podcast will last only three episodes and be hosted by Craig Mazin (HBO and Sky’s Chernobyl). Craig will discuss Watchmen with its Executive Producer and Writer, Damon Lindelof.

I will scream with fandom all the way through.

The podcast promises to “divulge narrative choices, explore the show’s connection with the groundbreaking graphic novel, and how it reflects our modern times.”

This is everything we all want to know and more.

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Source: No Film School