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This opinion makes Scorsese’s views on Marvel seem quite tame.

If you aren’t familiar with Alan Moore, he is one of the most influential and important Comic Book writers of all time. If you’re wondering why a filmmaking blog such as this one would cover him, well, there are a few reasons.

Firstly, Moore’s original ideas and takes on classic IP continue to be adapted by major studios for film and television. His ideas and his approach inform far more than just the content based on his work.

Watchmen is on HBO currently, which is a spin on his seminal work. Joker, a new look inside the villainous Joker from the Batman series, is in large part inspired by the way Moore handled the story in ‘The Killing Joke’.

Moore is worth looking into as we creatives traverse the current landscape of entertainment. To his own chagrin, you could say he helped foster it.

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Source: No Film School