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In a minor refresh of their laptop line, Apple has gotten rid of the last non-touchbar MacBook you could still buy.

Apple just simplified their laptop range not only by refreshing the 13″ MacBook Pro with a spec bump and touchbar but by dropping the plain old “MacBook” entirely.

While mid-cycle spec bumps are always appreciated (unlike the 6 years they went without so much as a processor bump in the 2013 Mac Pro), this particular refresh is interesting since it’s the first time in a long time that the lightest option of anything is going away. Usually every year the “lightest” item you could buy is lighter than the year before, but the current lightness winner, the MacBook Air, is heavier than the plain MacBook.

The “MacBook,” without “Air” or “Pro” in its name, has always been a weird beast. The lightest machine on offer from Apple, it was always more of a proof of concept than a big hit, and its price left it in an awkward position.

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Source: No Film School