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Bringing “chip on board” technology to the small scale, the new MW could be the “do-everything” light that should be in every bag.

Little lights are finally getting to the place where they are starting to be pretty damn useful. While a decade ago you might have an on-camera unit that put out little power, required a cable running to a battery on your belt, and petered out quickly, LED technology is allowing for the creation of small, light, powerful units that last a long time on a charge that genuinely serve a purpose on set.

Whether it’s mounted to the camera for a bit of eyesight or fill, hidden in set for a “special” light on a key prop, or strapped to an underwater rig, it’s easy to find uses for little LED’s when you need them. Aputure, one of the leaders in that field, has just released their new MW unit, which brings their “chip on board” technology (best known from their popular 300D) to small units for the first time, creating a versatile, bright, powerful little do everything unit.

Introducing the Aputure Amaran MW

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Source: No Film School