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Teradek is now shipping their 4K bolt wireless video systems that should also create higher quality HD transmission.

The move from one platform to another is always annoying.

In an ideal scenario, we would upgrade everything in the image pipeline — camera, lens, wireless, and monitor — all at once. But in reality, that is just not something that many of us can afford to do in one sitting. And not every item works well with other formats; there are many 4K cameras in the world that only output 1080p through their SDI. Teradek is filling in the “wireless 4k video signal” void with their new Teradek Bolt 4K, first announced back at NAB and now shipping. The company is also pushing the product for its HD transmission use.

This is a super smart way to position the unit. One major fear users have when upgrading is that the new item won’t fit into their current workflow. If your camera only puts out 1080p, and your on set monitor is only 1080p (our current favorite on set monitor, the DM250, is 1080p, for instance), it can be worrying to think about upgrading your wireless to 4K and if it will work in your current setup.

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Source: No Film School