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Need to create some foley? Here are some common household items that’ll help you do it.

In the wonderful world of foley, you don’t build a fire to create fire sounds or go to the mountains in the winter to record footsteps in snow…or push a guy out of a 5-story window to create the sound of…a guy falling out of a 5-story window.

Nah, you use cellophane, cornstarch, and phonebooks for that stuff, because anything and everything can be used to create the sounds we hear in films.

In this video, the team over at PremiumBeat challenged themselves to populate some stock footage with foley they created in-studio with common household items, from cast iron skillets to kitty litter, and it’s a really interesting exploration into some really cool and unique foley tricks.

Check it out below.

So, what cheap, household items were used in this video? Let’s run through them quickly:

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Source: No Film School