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Like The Dark Knight and Dunkirk before it, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is getting a teaser prologue coming soon to IMAX screens.

Blame Christopher Nolan for our current obsession with IMAX.

The filmmaker helped pioneer the format for more commercial filmmaking purposes when he decided to film portions of The Dark Knight exclusively with IMAX.

In 2007, that sequel famously previewed its opening scene to audiences as a teaser of sorts, which was a marketing master stroke that Nolan has replicated for many of his subsequent films.

His latest movie, the time-centric Tenet — where things and people move backward and forward through time, in real-time — is getting its own IMAX prologue.

TrailerTrack reported Wednesday that fans can except to get a closer look at Nolan’s upcoming blockbuster in 70mm, as an extended prologue sequence was just rated by the MPAA.

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Source: No Film School