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Lensbaby has expanded its OMNI system with new color gels that magnetically mount to the front of your lens to produce beautiful in-camera effects.

Announced earlier this year, the new OMNI system from Lensbaby allows filmmakers to mount a variety of elements in front of the lens to capture more creative and powerful images. Filmmakers have long mounted elements in front of their lens to create custom looks, but the OMNI is designed to make this both easier and more repeatable with magnetic mounting points that allow creatives to more mount image modifiers to the front of the lens more precisely and with more stability.

In addition to the OMNI, Lensbaby offers multiple options for what you might want to attach to the lens. Initially, it launched with a crystal pack, perfect for elegant lens distortions and light flares, and they are now expanding with a new color pack that combines color crystals and both flat and curved color gels for creating rich, dynamic imagery.

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Source: No Film School