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When you’re writing your script you have complete control over the world and everything in it. So…does God exist in your story?

You’ve probably heard that every screenplay is allowed one big coincidence. You get one shot to make the audience buy into the story. So something random can happen.

Call it a coincidence, call it kismet, or call it an act of God.

But don’t call it Deus Ex Machina.

Everything else that follows needs to be set up, paid off, and at times, punished.

You, as the writer, make the decisions in your script’s world. You are, effectively, the God of that world. You can make it rain, you can make people suffer, you can pick your own, personal, Jesus…

But you also are in control of whether or not God exists in your screenplay.

And that decisions, while it might sound frivolous and subjective, really matter when it comes down to tone.

So let’s ask the big question…

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Source: No Film School