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Would you like to cut your footage offload time in half?

Whether you’re shooting in 8K, at a higher frame rate, or just eager to get offloading done at the end of a long shoot day, faster is better.

A lightning fast professional media reader is key for RED camera users in particular.

Typical RED MINI-MAG card readers are single-slot, taking one MINI-MAG at a time. This, combined with USB speeds, can lead to relatively long offload times.

Sonnet announced a Professional Dual-Slot RED MINI-MAG® Thunderbolt™ 3 Card Reader that ingests footage from two RED MINI-MAGs at the same time at their maximum speeds, 1,060 MB/s. By nature of their being two ports, this cuts offload time in half.

It’s fast.

And it’s stackable.

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Source: No Film School