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Showrunners are the most important people in television. Some rise to celebrity status. Others go unknown. But what do they spend all day doing? What is their actual job? Let’s find out.

Who makes all the decisions on a TV show? Who runs the writers’ rooms, makes sure shows come in on time, and helps plan out how much money is spent on every episode?

Imagine being the brains behind one of the most popular shows on streaming or television. You have so much responsibility. and it’s not just story. Your title is “showrunner,” and that all-encompassing word. You’re part god, account, hostage negotiator, and writer.

But there’s even more than that. Today, let’s talk about everything a showrunner does and give them even more accolades they already get.

Showrunner definition

A showrunner is a person who has complete creative authority and responsibility for a television program’s writing and management.

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Source: No Film School