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Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time In Hollywood is a movie for film fans, made by one of the biggest film fans ever. Here’s QT’s DP, the great Robert Richardson, pulled it off.

Robert Richardson had the task of showing us 1969 Hollywood — through the lens of then-classic TV and filmmaking styles. He also had to play revisionist history. So how did the long-time Tarantino collaborator choose which film stock could do all that?

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood was a movie that reaffirmed Tarantino’s voice as one of the few filmmakers who can get an original movie greenlit these days. There are so many things going on inside of this movie that it takes repeated viewings just to absorb surface-level ideas.

It’s hard to imagine all the thought and care that went into shooting it. Lucky for us, that was Robert Richardson’s job.

Check out this exclusive clip of him talking film stock and let’s chat more after the jump.

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Source: No Film School