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It’s been a decade since The Fantastic Mr. Fox was released and our appreciation has only grown deeper over time.

Wes Anderson is known for his cunning dialogue and whimsical visuals within the live-action realm, but when he announced he was making a stop motion movie, it felt like an ancient prophecy was being fulfilled. Years of hard work resulted in The Fantastic Mr. Fox, a star-studded film that took on a children’s book and added the snark and heart that made it a classic.

Now, ten years later, we look back at this quiet masterpiece and appreciate things we might have missed at the time.

Check out this video from the Royal Ocean Society and let’s talk after the jump.

It’s crazy to think about, but in 2009, Wes Anderson was on a downward turn.

Darjeeling Limited was not a critical darling and The Life Aquatic failed hard at the box office.

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Source: No Film School