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One startup kickstarter aims to help independent filmmakers with a new streaming platform that makes watching movies a game.

As both an independent filmmaker and an independent film watcher, it’d be easy to say that we are currently living in a beautiful renaissance of online video streaming. Yet, that might not be the full story for both sides. Yes, we have more platforms and movies (and television, shorts, etc…) available to audiences online than ever before, but it’s also sort of a mess.

From the numerous mainstream streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, to niche and independent options like Fandor, Kanopy and IMDB’s Freedrive, there seems to be more options muddling up the market – and your leisurely film watching time – by the day.

While we have one more challenger for your attention attempting to enter the ring with Filmocracy – the world’s first and only “gamified” movie streaming platform – it may present a new opportunity for both indie filmmakers and indie film fans to capitalize (and, even, monetize).

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Source: No Film School