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What’s the lasting scene you want people to remember? How will you close your story?

Oh man. I am sort of sad we’ve reached the ending of the Free Screenwriting Seminar. It has been amazing to hear from all of you along this journey. We’ve had people from Mumbai. Nigeria, Paraguay, and even West Chester, Pennsylvania, join us throughout the weeks. Tell me in the comments where you’re from. Rep your city and be proud of your writing.

Speaking of being proud, HOLY CRAP…IT’S WEEK TEN!

We have released one of these every Friday, so if you’re joining late, you can find all the other weeks in our free online screenwriting course here.

I know your scripts might be longer than 100 pages (mine is), but the idea was just to get you all writing every week. If you can write 10 pages in seven days, you can write 100 in 70. I am so damn proud of everyone who has shared their progress, and I expect a mention in all of your award speeches. Or not. I’m just happy you played along with us.

Let’s not waste any more time.

Get writing on week ten!

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