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The deadline is fast approaching for your chance to win an 8K RED and more prizes.

Back in September 2019, which is a billion years ago in internet time, we let you know about a contest put together by Aputure with an interesting angle: Lighting diagrams. The “Light This Location” contest is about not just creating cool stuff, it’s also about documenting how you make that cool stuff, specifically with a diagram of how you lit it.

This makes it a contest that is not just cool for you (if you win, you could potentially take home a full 8K RED package or hundreds of thousands of dollars of other prizes), but also good for the filmmaking community as a whole.

Whenever we see something executed in a way that makes us go “how did they do that?”, it can be discouraging to not know how they pulled it off. This contest should help us all get more in the habit of making, and sharing, lighting diagrams. It lets others know what we did. It gives us a useful reference if we want to recreate it later, for pickup shots or for another job.

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Source: No Film School