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El Camino, the Breaking Bad movie, brought us home to the streets of Albuquerque for one last thrill. Now you can go behind the scenes of Netflix’s newest hit.

What happened to Jesse Pinkman?

This question lingered in our minds for several agonizing years. There were plenty of fan theories, but the truth was percolating inside Vince Gilligan’s mind. And it finally debuted, as a movie, on Netflix, this year. El Camino contained all the answers the audience had been waiting for, but it seemed as if it appeared out of nowhere. Only a few months after we heard it had shot, we got a trailer and the movie.

The set was rife with secrecy, and there were so many cameos and callbacks it’s hard to believe things didn’t leak. Now, Netflix has decided to give us a behind the scenes look at how this movie came together. Check out this behind the scenes exclusive from Netflix, and let’s talk after the jump!


How do you keep a Breaking Bad movie secret?

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