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Disney is queuing up reboots and remakes for many of its animated films, updating them with live-action and new CGI — but it’s screwing over the writers and creatives behind the originals. Find out how and why.

When you come up with an idea, you expect to be compensated fairly. That’s sort of the deal in Hollywood.

But it happens incredibly rarely. And it’s not happening right now when it comes to some reboots and remakes. I am thoroughly enjoying all the movies Disney puts out. But when I watched the video below…I think they had a point.

Check out the video from Center Row and let’s talk after the jump!

The Problem With How Live-Action Disney Remakes Are Written

It was a short and funny video, but the root of the problem here are two things:

1. Disney is cannibalizing its own stories and thus robbing us of originality.

2. The artists behind these works are not being fairly compensated.

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Source: No Film School