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Is your action cam footage feeling a little stale? Try some of these fun ideas!

Action cameras are designed to be small and rugged, allowing you to shoot immersive, on-the-ground footage in harsh conditions. You can mount them almost anywhere! They’re easy to use, but owners are always trying to find ways to give their footage a unique edge. A few simple tips can give your shots some fun perspectives, elevate your footage, and make you an action-cam master.

Premiere Gal has put together some of those tips for working with the DJI Osmo Action, but this advice could be applicable to a range of action cameras.

Watch their video below!

1. Mount the camera in your mouth

Sure, this might look goofy in the moment, but if you need that perfect first-person point of view, this is one way to get it. It could be perfect for capturing your food footage. Another option might be…

2. Attach the camera to silverware

Put viewers in your food’s perspective! Since this will give you a kind of claustrophobic, tight shot, it might be good for an unsettling horror project.

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Source: No Film School