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Watchmen showrunner Damon Lindelof reveals how they created the emotional and flashback-heavy “This Extraordinary Being” episode.

In recent weeks, Watchmen surpassed its comic book origins to become more than just a complicated superhero show — it has tackled racism in America and the very real, very powerful themes of generational trauma head-on.

The most recent installment, titled “This Extraordinary Being,” is an expose disguised as a flashback. It chronicles whitewashed history in black and white, after Regina King’s character, Angela, overdoses on another character’s — Will’s — memories (because Nostalgia). And the episode also deals with institutionalized racism at its core.

“Being” focuses on the mask behind the mask. The idea that Hooded Justice was not a white man, but an African-American cop who knew the only way to make a difference — to truly have justice — was disguising himself twice.

Lindelof told The Washington Post:

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