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For film and video editors, having a standing desk can have a positive effect on your working habits, health, and efficiency.

I’m a freelance editor and YouTube creator so I spend a major part of a day at my desk.

I’ve wanted to have a standing desk for a while. When I finally got one about 2 months ago, I was super excited to give it a go to compare how it affects my well-being, productivity, and how much I move during the day.

In the following video, I talk about my findings.

I think it was when I read “In the Blink of an Eye” by Walter Murch for the first time that I came across the concept of standing during the editing process. I liked the idea.

If Walter Murch, one of the most influential editors alive, claims that standing has been an important part of his process, there must be something to it… right?

I also stumbled upon Zack Arnold’s podcast featuring a conversation with Murch, and I strongly encourage you to listen to that great episode. There’s one quote from that stayed with me:

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Source: No Film School