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Learn how Bong Joon Ho and his production crew were able to construct the house at the center of his new hit film, Parasite.

Parasite won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and has been the talk of Film Twitter ever since. An early front-runner for Best Foreign-language Film at the Oscars, this slow-burn, intense drama is about a poor family that talks their way into a rich community — and some, uh, interesting things go down.

This upgrade allows them to live in a spectacular mansion, and it is in this mansion where the majority of the film takes place and you might be surprised to know that it didn’t exist until the production created it. That’s right, it’s nothing more than just an elaborate set.

So how did they construct the set? And did they envision it or the story first? Lucky for us, IndieWire caught up with Bong Joon Ho and asked him these questions.

It’s hard to remember an elaborate set that’s been so valuable to a film in recent memory. While writing the screenplay, Bong thought about the house as a metaphor. Bong had this to say:

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Source: No Film School