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Learn how the filmmakers of Queen of Lapa broke cultural barriers to make a radical verite doc about a famous and inspiring trans sex worker named Luana.

Filmmaking team Theodore Collatos (director, Tormenting The Hen, Dipso) and Carolina Monnerat had a once-in-a-lifetime experience over the past five years. When the married couple traveled to visit Carolina’s family in the urban heart of Brazil (the Lapa district), they became intrigued by the pervasive, destigmatized presence of trans sex workers in the neighborhood. The central figure of this community is Luana Muniz, a trans-rights activist and public figure who became a sex worker herself in her teenage years.

Collatos and Monnerat took it upon themselves to document—in the most raw and honest way possible—the dynamics and environment of Luana’s House (a safe place for the workers) as well as Luana’s own story. Their far-from-conventional, non-narrative approach was precisely what earned them unprecedented access. This is how their journey toward completing the feature documentary Queen of Lapa began.

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Source: No Film School