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The director and production crew of Doctor Sleep were already working in Kubrick’s shadow, but they also had to build his hotel, too. Find out how.

Stanley Kubrick was a meticulous genius who put so much attention and detail into his films, that we’re still uncovering cool things he’s done. They’ve had entire museum displays showcasing his notes and his legend grows more and more each year.

All this is to say when you tread in Kubrick’s tracks, the pressure is on and people will notice. Director Mike Flanagan was nervous when it came time to film Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. But lucky for him, he had a very dedicated production crew that was willing to help him pull off the impossible.

How the Doctor Sleep Crew Rebuilt Kubrick’s Overlook Hotel

When it came to iconic hotels, the Overlook was right up there with the one owned by Norman Bates. Flanagan knew there were a lot of people ready to whip out the microscopes to examine what he would do with Doctor Sleep.

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Source: No Film School