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Watchmen is the show people can’t stop talking about on Twitter, especially when it comes to the character of Looking Glass. Here’s how costume designer Meghan Kasperlik pulls off his shiny mask.

Watchmen is full of costumed heroes and exceptional world building, but the stand-out character in Damon Lindelof’s sequel to the classic Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons graphic novel has to be Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) and the reflective, eye-less shroud he wears. Sunday’s most recent episode, “Little Fear of Lightning,” provided an in-depth origin story for how Wade Tillman grew up to become Looking Glass. The timing is fitting, as Polygon recently spoke with the series’ costume designer, Meghan Kasperlik, to reveal the secrets behind how they created the character’s instantly-iconic look.

Watching the show, and how it looks like Wade is wearing something made out of the same liquid metal the T-1000 uses, you’d think Watchmen pulls all this off using CG. Well, they do. Kind of.

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Source: No Film School