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Learn how to shoot and composite a double exposure sequence.

One of my favorite TV show intro sequences is the one from the first season of True Detective. The technique used allows communicating both images and shapes, which reinforces the whole visual message. Making the intro for my channel, I knew I wanted to use this approach.

I’m not explaining how all of these effects work, so if you want to investigate on your own, I made it possible to download all the footage and project files for this intro sequence. After Effects is pretty complicated, so if you’re new to this tool, there are some great tutorials that will walk you step by step through the basics of compositing images.

The effect we’re after is based on so-called double exposure. Originally the term was used for exposing the same frame of a film twice, and in the digital age, we’ve kind of borrowed that term. Here’s the original sequence that I was inspired by, in case you want to see what the big-budget version of this effect can look like.

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Source: No Film School