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Judas Collar is a story that made me quit my job as a television documentary director and decide to take the plunge into the world of writing and directing drama.

When I discovered that lone camels, known as ‘Judas’ animals, were collared with a tracking device used as bait to betray their herd to hunters, I knew it was a story I wanted to tell as a drama and not a documentary. But how would you even begin to direct a film starring camels, let alone a film…starring camels…complete with action sequences?

The shoot for our short film Judas Collar was incredibly challenging—filming with eight camels and a helicopter in the remote Australian desert. We had a small but extremely dedicated crew of fifteen people who had to juggle camel wrangling without compromising their film roles. Over the course of six days, we endured eight flat tires, two bogged vehicles, and a blown head gasket on our camel truck. Filming an action set piece in the desert with camels certainly wasn’t easy.

Watch the full film below and continue on to learn how we pulled it all together!

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Source: No Film School