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How can you get jobs on larger scale productions?

The reality is that the crew hiring process for big-budget feature films is very different than it is on indies.

When first dreaming of working on film sets, it’s likely you imagined working on large scale productions. Either a feature film meant for global distribution or a TV series that would be aired on a major streaming platform. But how do you get hired for these?

Well, unlike independent productions, these larger-scale projects do not advertise for crew so freely online. Finding work on these sets is mainly a matter of who you know and if you are trusted to do your job at a professional level.

My name is Amy Clarke, I started working in the film industry as a production runner on independents before I became a script supervisor. I write weekly about film careers on my blog –

This article will breakdown the hiring process, how to make contacts, and get professional work. You will also find quotes from various film crew on how they personally broke into the film industry.

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Source: No Film School