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Intercutting scenes in your screenplay can show a distinct handle on your storytelling abilities and help you save page length. Here’s how.

Perhaps you’ve gotten to a part in your screenplay where you have a ton of scenes or action happening at once. You hate writing a dozen sluglines and you feel like you’re wasting page space just writing back and forth.

Enter the intercut, a useful tool to handle simultaneous action in any screenplay. Let’s walk through how to intercut scenes in your screenplay. We’ll go over script format, ways to use intercutting, and look at a few famous examples of intercutting in movies.

How to Intercut Scenes in your Script

Intercut Definition

When a screenplay alternates from one scene to another scene, which take place at the same time, this is called an INTERCUT. Instead of writing scene headings over and over, you can write one scene heading for each location and then indicate that the scenes are INTERCUT together by placing that INTERCUT atop the page to the right.

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Source: No Film School