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Every screenplay you write needs conflict, but how can you supercharge it for the audience?

At the center of every story is conflict. It’s what makes people go on dangerous quests, chase love, wish to be big, and form a league of their own. Aside from Tom Hanks movies, conflict is the basis for every story told in film and television.

So, how can you supercharge conflict in your story?

Have a lot of shit go wrong.

Yeah, it’s that simple. You can keep reading if you want, but that’s the general thought process.

Today I’ll show you how some movies and TV shows amp up the conflict in their stories and the strategies you can steal from them.

Let’s dive in right away.

How to Supercharge Conflict in a Story

For a conflict to happen, first you need to know how to write a scene. Scenes are built around characters with wants or desires. Conflicts are what get in the way of attaining those goals.

Pretty basic?

Okay, let’s go deeper.

For example, in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the opening deals with Indy trying to grab an idol.

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Source: No Film School