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We’re all stuck indoors for the time being. Why not write what you know?

One of the best things about writing is setting personal goals or challenges to attack the page. One of the hardest things to write is the “contained” screenplay. It has limited locations, characters, and is always very attractive to buyers.

The best kinds of these movies get made because they can be done cheaply and efficiently.

They usually attract stars who want to be able to carry a story on the screen.

So, how can you write your own contained screenplay?

Today I want to take you through some brainstorming activities to get inside your brain and get your story out onto the page.

Let’s dive in.

What is a ‘Contained’ Screenplay?

I am pushing this article now because I think there’s a much stronger chance these kinds of scripts will be making a huge comeback as we come out of the pandemic. They will be the first kinds of projects people will be able to take a chance on.

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Source: No Film School