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An antihero might be all the rage in screenwriting, but getting them on the page is no easy task.

With the Joker becoming the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever and characters like Deadpool, Jesse Pinkman, and Harley Quinn generating buzz on the big and small screen, the age of the antihero is upon us.

Hollywood and television once wanted only conventional protagonists to lead their stories, but the golden age of television and the advent of streamers made new and exciting stories viable in the marketplace. This trend changed the way we think about the heroes in our stories and made the creation and marketing of something niche or unexpected all the more plausible.

While antiheroes have been around since the dawn of storytelling, it does feel like we’re hitting their peak now. But what is an antihero, and what kinds of traits make them into the leader of an unconventional story? Let’s breakdown the tropes, ideas, and script techniques you can use to solidify an antihero in your screenplays.

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Source: No Film School