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Sometimes the simplest and most interesting loglines take the heart of your story and make it accessible to everyone.

I love writing screenplays. And I hope, if you’re reading this, you love writing too. Writing helps me put my complex character emotions onto the page and lets me talk about the things I care about while telling a story. But sometimes my stories are so complex, that it’s nearly impossible to get a pitch together, let alone distill it all down into one sentence.

There’s probably a lot of guesswork within your creation of that logline as well.

But a one-sentence summary of your screenplay is very important; and so are loglines. But what’s a logline? And how can you write a noisy one? Today we’re going to go over logline formation, who uses loglines and even look at some logline examples to flesh out our own ideas.

Let’s get writing.

Logline definition

So what’s a logline?

A logline is a one-sentence summary of the story put forward in your movie screenplay or television pilot.

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Source: No Film School