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Director Luigi Campi and DP Giacomo Belletti are not afraid of dated filmmaking technology. Here’s how they made a poetic, visually-stunning film using MiniDV.

Quick disclaimer: I’m not a film critic. Like many readers of this publication, I’m a film and television maker. And so, having been scorched and liquified in the crucible of physical production many times before, I don’t take for granted that films end up the way they are intended. They almost never do. The process is inherently industrial and technical.

The workplace, like any other, is irreverent, chaotic, fraught with petty grievances, inundated with unexpected events and complications. Schedules go up in flames. It rains. People drop out. Cameras break. More people drop out. There are emotional crises, spiritual crises, and none more acute than for writer-directors in the breach.

In short, when you attempt to bring forth that fragile artistic germ incubating in the soil and sanctuary of your mind, you’re in for an awakening that gives “coming-of-age” the true substance of its sub-genre. There are a thousand reasons why you’ll doubt yourself and fail.

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Source: No Film School