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Trailers and marketing are supposed to bring people into the theater, but honesty isn’t always the best policy. Especially with movies like Ad Astra.

Ad Astra has made $124,575,212 so far at the domestic and worldwide box office. Those are fine numbers for a PG-13 Brad Pitt space movie that’s a contemplative look at fathers, sons, legacy, and the lengths people will go to escape facing their grief — even if it means literally going into the depths of cold space to avoid facing very real pain.

One of the many ways people decided to see the movie was the trailer. It promised a movie filled with action and confrontation, but the final result is quiet, slow, and more lyrical. So does that make the trailer clickbait? Or theater-bait?

Check out this video from The Royal Ocean Film Society where they ask a similar question, and let’s talk after the jump.

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Source: No Film School