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Hopefully, this article doesn’t cost me my career.

Before we start, some background on me: my name is Evan Littman, and my company, GetMade, consults for a variety of entertainment entities. Every year, I attend the three major markets (Berlin, Cannes, and the American Film Market), where I evaluate films and film packages for my clients to acquire. These are films you’ve heard of, or will hear of (here’s an example).

The American Film Market (AFM) takes place in Santa Monica every year in early November. It just wrapped up this week, so I wanted to take a minute and share some of my observations from the ground floor. More specifically, I want to talk about what AFM is, what it isn’t, how it’s changing, and how you should think about it as an aspiring filmmaker.

To answer the question in the headline, and to legally cover my ass, I should say that AFM is not a scam. But I do believe AFM engages in exploitative marketing practices, specifically targeted at aspiring filmmakers.

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Source: No Film School