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David Leitch, director of John Wick, shot this Verizon commercial featuring an epic snowball fight completely on the iPhone 11. Check it out.

This holiday season, strap in because things are about to get pretty nuts. Especially if you have an iPhone 11.

Verizon and Apple are pushing a deal for the holidays. No one cares about that. What we really care about is that David Leitch was consulted and hired. His task? Make an epic snowball fight in the style of John Wick.

Get ready for your eyeballs to pop out of your head.

The 90-second ad, Snowbrawl, follows a young girl who teams up with her friends in a snowball fight against her older brother and his buddies.

Check out this cinematic snowball fight Shot on iPhone 11 Pro by director David Leitch.

Yeah, that was made to simultaneously want to be 11 and to have an iPhone 11. So mission accomplished.

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Source: No Film School