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Lawrence Sher, the Joker D.P., explains the impact color has on the film. Check it out!

Many cinematographers are known for a distinct style of shooting, but not many can work in multiple genres and formats the way Lawrence Sher has over the course of his career.

He’s shot movies like The Hangover, Paul, Garden State, and Joker.

Each of these films uses camera, lighting, and color to create something evocative and important.

Today, we’re going to watch as Sher explains how hue, saturation, and light affect the mood, style, and story of a film.

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Joker Cinematographer Describes Color in Film

First things first, let’s talk about the technical aspects of how color is achieved in film.

The first term to learn is Log. Log is the digital negative, the flat and desaturated images that get manipulated to bring in color later.

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Source: No Film School