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We have 2% of the answers. Now we want the other 98% of them.

It’s been two years since The Leftovers disappeared from television and I have a massive hole in my heart. The show that Quartz said was “Encapsulating the essence of what it currently feels like to be a human being in a strange world” was a weekly retreat for many viewers. It wasn’t afraid to ask the big questions and to avoid the big answers.

Much like real life, The Leftovers was an introspective show that made each viewer analyze their own relationship to faith, science, and wonderment.

In the final episode, in the final scene, Nora and Kevin find themselves at a table in Australia, finally ready to love one another.

There’s so much power here. Is Nora telling Kevin what he needs to hear, what she needs to hear, or the truth?

What we see here is a reconciliation of two characters who have finally come to terms with that fact that they’re alive. That they can be vulnerable with each other and tell one another exactly what they need to get by in this world.

This is pure love.

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Source: No Film School