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The Kessler KillShock Mini won’t let those tiny vibrations ruin your sweet car chase sequence.

Last year, Kessler Crane came out with the KillShock, a tool you can use to dampen or remove micro-vibrations when shooting from a vehicle, and now, the company has just introduced a smaller version, the KillShock Mini.

The KillShock Mini is pretty much exactly like its big brother in every way…except for its size, of course.

It features an 8″ suction cup base that has a 175lb. hold rating, built-in handles, and a plethora of mounting holes for a wide range of different, cameras, tools and mounts, including gimbals from DJI (Ronin S), Moza, Freefly (Movi M5), and Zhiyun.

So, how does it all work?

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Source: No Film School